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Character Designs by
Alex Tagali for an upcoming comic book adaptation.
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Most importantly, Zach will be publishing lots of new writing there, including The Representatives, an exclusive super-hero, serialized fiction series (taking place in the interconnected Sergiverse and related to worlds of Versus and Heroes Rise). It's written specifically for Patreon subscribers, not currently available anywhere else. New issues will release monthly, utilizing interactive input from Patreon subscribers. You can read free Sample Teasers of all available projects by clicking these PDF links:

The Representatives may be the only super-famous super-team equipped to handle the toughest cases in the galaxy—but nothing compares to the struggle of seven diverse adults living under the same mansion roof. These legendary heroes are the Verses Galaxy’s best and brightest, called to protect its most valuable melting-pot planet…usually with a tabloid flare for the dramatic. The Representatives is a fully diverse, intersectionally-representative Avengers tackling Black Mirror/Star Trek cases, all while steeped in Downton Abbey sweeping family drama. It also takes place in the interconnected Sergiverse, linking to the best-selling interactive novel series Versus and Heroes Rise.

The Rise & Fall of Gods & Housewives (Novel) Miles, a flailing 20-something, goes to work as a producer on a Real Housewives of New York-type show, where he falls under the spell of a glamorous socialite matriarch—and eventually learns that reincarnated gods live in secret among the ultra-wealthy. (American Gods meets Unreal)

Killing Tyme (TV Pilot) When 18-year-old Owen’s unexpected breakdown forces her to stay home while all her friends leave for college, Owen escapes her escalating family drama by joining a cultish political youth movement (named TYME) that fulfills her every need—and pulls her deep into a world she may never escape. (The Bell Jar meets Pretty Little Liars)