Team up with allies old & new to unravel a conspiracy threatening your world.

In Book Two of The Hero Project Duology, will you rise high enough to influence the way society views unwanted Powered people? Will you use your platform to become an advocate role model, a powerful kingpin, or a dangerous freedom fighter? What will you do when your fight soars to heights you never expected…and when your journey falls back into the perspective of the original Heroes Rise Trilogy Main Character?

As you rise, the decisions you make will shape the world for your Powered peers—and shape your relationships and potential romances. Will you secure the fate of a new Powered capitol, or will you exploit its resources? And will you untangle the conspiracy brewing behind the scenes of The Hero Project fast enough to save the entire world? Also choose to customize your main character with several gender (male, female, transgender, intersex, nonbinary & more) and sexuality (gay, straight, bisexual, pansexual, asexual) options.

o·pen sea·son
--a period when restrictions on the hunting of certain types of wildlife are lifted.
--a period when all restrictions on a particular activity are abandoned or ignored.

In Open Season, everyone is a target. Who will be yours?

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