versus: the elite trials



As one of the prisoners trapped on planet Versus, you must vote for who will fight in deadly gladiatorial battles.

In Book Two of The Versus Trilogy, thirteen prisoners have formed a voting bloc, the Elite Courte, to ensure they choose who lives and who dies. But one of their so-called "gods" has a plan for revolution. Your power to steal abilities and memories makes you the perfect spy--or the perfect double agent--as you enter The Elite Trials. On Versus, nothing and no one is as they seem... perhaps not even you.

Will you choose to be male, female, transgender, intersex or a non-categorizable, nonbinary gender? Will you be attracted to men, women, both or neither? What kind of society will you build when you become a budding young god? Most importantly, are you ready to go on a genre-bending adventure that combines space operas, dystopian societies, fantasy epics and science fiction? 

How far will your eyes see?

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