versus: the lost ones

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Transported to an unfamiliar world beyond your wildest dreams, you must invade the minds and absorb the abilities of your fellow alien captives to survive planet Versus.

Entering The Versus Trilogy, will you triumph in gladiatorial combat, or in the deadly politics of planet Versus? Will you seduce Lady Venuma, a self-proclaimed goddess, or clash with Empress Vaccus, the monstrous, sworn enemy of your home world? On Versus, nothing and no one is as they seem... perhaps not even you.

Will you choose to be male, female, transgender, intersex or a non-categorizable, nonbinary gender? Will you be attracted to men, women, both or neither? Most importantly, are you ready to go on a genre-bending adventure that combines space operas, dystopian societies, fantasy epics and science fiction? As you embark on your fantastic Versus adventure, only one question truly matters…

How far will your eyes see?

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